ZIYANDA releases the forth edition of the Quality Policy

10 September 2020

ZIYANDA Consulting provides consulting engineering services in the following disciplines:

• Water Engineering;
• Sanitation & Waste Water Engineering;
• Structural Works;
• Roads Engineering;
• Bridges Engineering;
• Storm Water Management and Design;
• Solid Waste Disposal and Management;
• Institutional and Technical Support;
• Project Management.

Management and staff at ZIYANDA Consulting are committed to developing and implementing a quality system in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard in order to ensure that they deliver effective, efficient and State-of-the-art Engineering solutions with a highly skilled and motivated professional team working together with all stakeholders.

ZIYANDA stakeholders (Interested Parties) include:
• Clients;
• Communities that are served by Projects;
• Specialist sub consultants, such as supporting Geotechnical Engineers, Environmental Consultants, Suppliers, etc;
• Contractors;
• Subcontractors
• Internal Staff;
• Management;
• Shareholders/Owners.

Thus, ZIYANDA’s Quality Policy is thus to provide appropriate Engineering Solutions through sustainable stakeholders’ relationships, fit for use by project beneficiaries, in a sustainable manner.

The Quality Policy aims at ensuring that ZIYANDA is the Stakeholders’ preferred service provider/partner. To this end, ZIYANDA Consulting commits to continual surveillance/monitoring and continual improvement of its Quality Management System. In the improvement(s) to the system, ZIYANDA, will strive to respond to the environmental demands (such as the COVID 19 pandemic) to ensure compliance and high standards of health and safety at its premises and the sites where it works.

This Quality Policy is renewed on a regular basis and is endorsed by top management. For the signed edition of this policy, please click here.