Water Conservation and Demand Management (WCDM) Interventions for Amajuba DM

ZIYANDA Consulting cc has been appointed as Lead Consultant for strategy development and implementation of interventions to enhance water conservation and demand management initiatives for the Amajuba District Municipality.

Amajuba District Municipality has made good progress in monitoring water losses for the Buffalo Flats Water System which covers 19 200 households which comprises 65% of the total number of households within the District.

There are at least 5 remaining water systems that need to be supplied with bulk water meters in order to monitor water losses within these systems. These water systems are Durnacol, Dannhauser, Emadlangeni (uTrecht) Hattinspruit and Alcockspruit:

The main objectives of the project is to enable the District Municipality to identify high water loss areas on a daily, weekly monthly bases and monitor the impact of any interventions implemented. This process is to be aided by the implementation of a spatially enabled, GIS based, water management application.  To attain the objectives mentioned the following activities will need to be addressed but not limited to:

  • The installation of bulk meters to be able to capture the required data to implement a reliable water balance for all six water systems.
  • Improving the utilization of available human resources within the technical department in addressing skills transfer.
  • Developing of the spatially enabled management application to include:
  • Facilitating of No Drop reporting.
  • The development of alarm systems to improve reaction times to system failures
  • The measuring of water savings on all implemented interventions
  • Facilitation of equitable distribution of available water resources.

The knowledge of ZIYANDA Consulting cc gained in the implementation of the Universal Access Plan (water services) undertaken for the Amajuba District will bear positively on this project.

Again, ZIYANDA Consulting cc is excited at the opportunity of enhancing the widening of its products, this being one of many appointments in water conservation and demanad management.

Enquiries on this project may be directed to Stanley Mgutshini (email: stanleym@ziyandaconsulting.co.za.