There is not a business in the planet or a team in the country that doesn’t require regular recharging, topping up, or should one say INSPIRATION!

Whether you are Triple Crown winners – Manchester United, multiple Tour de France Legend – Lance Armstrong, the most successful retail roll out – Starbucks, the ever growing Wal-Mart, we all need inspiration.

At ZIYANDA Consulting, we understand this as a necessity for one to be able to conduct their duties thoroughly and efficiently.

We therefore endeavour to achieve and maintain each individual staff member’s work health and wellness through activities like team building and family fun day.

All our team development efforts continue to be raging successes achieving their intended purposes and solidifying the corporate culture. The output of these efforts have been encapsulated in the words ZIYANDA Consulting – Moving from Good to Great and has been reflected in our corporate activities and engineering solutions.

Purposes of team building

  • To clarify the vision of ZIYANDA and ensure that it is shared
  • To ensure that the team’s goals are aligned with the growth of the organisation
  • To encourage each individual to achieve and then exceed their personal best
  • Build and strengthen a sense of co-responsibility and co-accountability
  • Challenge individuals and the teams comfort zones
  • Encourage individuals to live a purposeful life
  • Inspire the team and to re-enforce their training
  • Develop habits and attitudes that release one’s potential
  • Establish a language for the team that affirms and encourages
  • To build team spirit that is conducive towards achieving the organisation’s vision and goal
  • Bring the team together
  • Over and above all, have fun – after all our work is fun

Team building at Alpine Health Spa

On the last team building excursion, the entire ZIYANDA Team went to Alpine Health Resort and Spa at the Drakensberg, South Africa.