Mbangayiya Unit Roads

Ulundi Municipality assisted by ZIYANDA Consulting has recently opened Mbangayiya Unit B Roads to the community of Mbangayiya in Unit B under the first phase of the project. The  roads will now provide Mbangayiya Township with all-weather black top surfaced roads.  The project consisted of construction of 3.8 km long roadworks within the township and a 1.5 m wide sidewalk for pedestrians. Underground storm water drainage was provided to eradicate the storm water problems that were being experienced in the area.  The road is now under the Defects Liability Period of 12 months. ZIYANDA Consulting worked with Road works – Wonder Dream Project cc in the development, design and construction of project infrastructure.

Under the second phase of the project, the remaining roads approximately 0.5 km in length will be rehabilitated to standards similar to the recently completed roads. As a result, ZIYANDA Consulting in conjunction with Ulundi Municipality have gone out to tender for the construction of the roads. The clarification meeting for the tender was held on 04 June 2013.

The ZIYANDA team involved in the project is directed by Stanley Mgutshini. The Design Team Leader is Owen Moyo assisted by Kwazi Mncube.

For more details on the project you can contact Owen Moyo on