Qoloqolo Water Supply Scheme Infrastructure Replacement

21 April 2020

As an essential services provider during the corona virus lockdown, two of our projects had to be fast-tracked to commissioning to enable availability of water to communities namely:

  • Qoloqolo Water Supply Scheme Infrastructure Replacement
  • Enyathi and Bhokwe Water Supply Project

ZIYANDA Consulting an essential service provider during corona virus lockdown – Qoloqolo Water Supply Scheme Infrastructure Replacement

ZIYANDA is currently implementing the Qoloqolo water supply project for Ugu District Municipality. The project was implemented as part of the Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Strategy contract within Ugu District. The project objective is to provide Public standpipes level of service to communities residing in the area. Qoloqolo is a village under Ward 09 & 15 of Umzumbe Local Municipality under jurisdiction of Ugu District. The village is located 14km north of Hibberdene. The project entails the design of the new dedicated Qoloqolo rising main from Mtwalume Plant to Qoloqolo Reservoir and conversion of old rising main to reticulation supplying Qoloqolo area.

The project completion is May 2020, As a result of COVID-19, the project had to be commissioned as matter of urgency to enable proper health and hygiene practices by the community in the lockdown period. The project team was thus declared essential service providers to enable this goal to be achieved.  The project team includes the following service providers:

Project Manager ZIYANDA Consulting cc (contact persons – Nkosi Malishe and Nqobile Ngeleka)
Contractor LNY Construction and Civils
Client Ugu District Municipality

The project was commissioned to deliver water to all beneficiaries by mid-April 2020, right in the midst of the lockdown. ZIYANDA Consulting cc prides itself in its involvement to enable the response to COVID-19 and trusts that this project will enhance the hygiene practices of the beneficiaries.

Water delivered to standpipes servicing 876 households in time for response to COVID-19.

The formal completion of the project complete with other necessary ancillaries is expected to be achieved by May 2020.

Image: Progress Photos- Excavation and Pipe Laying

Image: Standpipes that had no water.

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